Glamazon Jo

Chapter 10: “Time”

I dried myself off and pulled out a pair of American eagle undies. i put together a hot outy cuz Keithy and i planned to hit the club around Midnight. I threw on some sweats in the mean time and made my way to the couch. i picked up my phone and  was about to call Ron when my Phone rang. it was Ron. i cut my eyes and answered the phone.

"Dam nigga give me time to call yu" i said in an irritated voice.

Ron: ” well shawty yu always say yu gona call a nigga back and Shit yu neva do!”

"well i told yu i was handling some business nigga"

Ron: “you been handling business for almost a month every time i get at yu.”


Ron began to laugh at my poor excuses. having this conversation with Ron i almost forgot how sexy that nigga was but i couldnt forget that this is the same nigga that had my man first. But i knew i couldnt say nothing hell he had me too.

"So whats up Ron wats so important that yu jus have to talk to me?”

Ron: “well first off shawty i miss that good tight ass”

"i always leave a good impression" i said grinning from ear to ear. 

Ron: “what you doin tonight?”

"im supose to be goin out around midnight why?"

Ron: “wat club?”

"Club Cream"

Ron: “Okey cool how about i jus meet yu there and we can talk then, i wana see yur pretty ass in person anyway”

"aight Ron i’ll see yu there"

i ironed a pair of levi511’s and a V neck, pulled out my studed light leather jacket and my A B stoned Converse. keithan came in smiling. “you must have got some good dick to still be smiling.” i said putting on my Levi’s. “You know me oh so well” keithan said taking off his Dior jacket. “We still goin out right?” i asked. “Hell Yea.” i sat on the couch and waited for Keithan to take a shower and get dressed. I checked my phone and i had 2 unread SMS. 1 from Ron and the other from Dion.

Dion: Baby i wana fix us i hope this isnt the end. we both fucked up and im hoping yu can forgive me. i dont want to let 3yrs of our relationship go. (i didnt respond)

Ron: Shawty i know its been a while since we kicked it but i been thinkin about yu ever since and i must say that i want to be more than jus friends. but i’ll see yu at Cream.

This isnt what i asked for i want my relationship with Dion but we both did wrong and i dont think i wana continue the secrecy its jus too much i feel like im in the lime light. Keithan interrupted my reading and train of thought with his amazing outy. “wow you look amazing!” i said jaw dropped. “i know” Keithan said in his cocky voice. “yu ready?” Keithan said spraying on D&G “yes!” i said Stealing a few squirts of D&G.

Keithan and i headed to Club Cream. i know this club is gona be packed as ever. about 10mins later i got another txt from Dion.

Dion: Trey Plz say somthing man dont do this to a nigga… (yet and still i didnt respond)

Chapter 9: “Suggestions Anyone?”

I sat up on the couch and looked at Dion as if i had saw a ghost. “You mean to tell me yu slept with the nigga to?” Dion Said still smiling “Crazy aint it?” This was like a long distance Threesome in my head. how did this happen? how the hell did my man and i cheat with the same person? Where the Fuck are the Cameras Ashton Kutcher come on out and Punk me. “So does this mean we’re even?” Dion asked. “HELL NO!!” i said with Utter disbelief. My Phone rang aging but this time it was Keithan. 


Keithan: “Whats goin on yu ready?”

"Hell yea Were yu at."

Keithan: “I’m Pullin up wats the gate code?”


Keithan: “Aight yo Meet Me outside”


Dion walked up to me and gave me a hug. “Aight then Trey yu got my number” I continued to walk out the door No tcause i was mad but because i couldnt wait to tell my Bestie the Juiciness. I rushed to Keithan’s already Crunk car i peered threw the car window like a burglar. “Keithie yu wont Believe this!” i said brimming  with excitement. On the way back to Decatur i explained the whole situation he was all gitty and gay about it. “Ima tell yu wat yall need to do!” Keithan said smiling “yall need to have a Threesome!” i started to laugh had as hell. “A Threesome Keithie really?” i said pulling down the sun visor. “Hell yea why not? Yall don already slept with the same nigga, yu and Dion Need to get back together, call up Ron, and bask in 2 times the pleasure.”  Keithan was serious about this threesome i must atmit it would be hot tho. i smiled at the thought and my dick got hard i knew i needed to go the the house and Jack my dick to this.

I just remembered that i was suppose to call Ron. i think i’ll call after my erotic shower. Keithan left out on some evening hoe run. it was the perfect time to relieve some built up stress. i headed to the bathroom dropping each article  of clothing along the way. i turned  on the water as warm as i could stand it. i stepped into the shower and instantly used my imagination. i imagined that the water was a warm man wrapping his arms around my lower body. i started to rotate my hips and bite my bottom lip. the water trickled down my asshole as i began to touch my pulsating dick. images of Ron and and dion fuckin my Tight ass flew threw my pleasure membrain. i began to moan loud! i slid down onto the shower floor face down ass up and let the water tease my hole. my eyes wer closed tight and i was strokin fast. i turned on my back to let the water hit my chest as i beat my dick i could feel i was getting close i startted to bet faster. “ahhhh, Oh Shit Ron” i moaned. “Fuck Me Dion!” I screamed be for i knew it  was releasing my load all over my chest… i layed ther as the water washed my come away. “besides Sperms are natural born swimmers.” i said jokingly.

Chapter 8: “Only IF”

"Were yu goin Trey?, We weren’t finished  talking!" Dion said Charging after me. "Oh i think we have!" i said unlocking the front door. Dion slammed the front door and demanded that i sit and finish the conversation. "This is what you wanted Trey you wanted to work this out." I regretfully made my way back to the couch and pulled my phone out ready to call Keithan. "We were both wrong for cheatin, and it was even more wrong of me to get upset with you wen i did it first." Dion continued to pour out his I’m sorry’s, his don’t be mad at me’s, and his forgive me’s. It was obvious as Dion said "There is no way we can get back together." My phone began to vibrate, i looked down at my phone it was Ron. You would think after almost a month of ignoring him he would get the message, but this nigga was persistent. "You gona get that?" Dion said with a Jealous frown on his face. i sat back and ignored the call. What was the purpose of this conversation? why did Dion wait untill 3weeks to tell me. Like the great Beyonce Knowels says "What Goes Around Comes Back Around My baby." "I still Love yu Trey." i looked up at Dion and seen the sincerity in His eyes. it eased my anger that he regreted cheating. Even tho i should have been angry i wasn’t.  

My Phone began to ring again, Hoping it was Keithan Calling to rescue me from the state of confusion that i was in. I rolled my eyes it was Ron yet again. Dion snatched my phone and looked at the contact. His eyes Got as wide as a 42inch flat screen TV. “Why is that nigga calling you?” Dion said as if he knew who Ron was. I could Tell that Dion was Both Pissed and Shocked at the same time. “I’m wondering the same thing!” i said snatching my phone back i answered.


Ron: “Dam shawt a nigga been tryna get at you for a whole month yu been ignorin me?”

"Not on purpose i been a lil busy"

Ron: “I was callin to talk to yu about about somthin you busy shawty?”

i looked over at Dion “Yea I Kinda am Ima Hit Yu up When im Done”

Ron:” Iaight shawty make sure yu do its important”

i hung up the Phone and gave Dion a look. “How Yu know that Nigga?” Dion said scooting to the edge of the couch attentively. was i really about to tell My Ex of 3yrs that Ron was the man i Cheated on him with, but since we were both being honest. I let out a big sigh and began to say “Ron is the man that i cheated on you with.” Dion looked at me and Laughed at my statement like he was at the Kings of Comedy. “What a small world” Dion said recovering from laughter. Puzzled and scared at what was so funny, i prepare for the worst. “Dion what is so Fuckin funny.” Still sneakering Dion tried to put on a serious act. “Im laughing cuz Ron is the man i cheated on you with.” My mouth was wide open like a Power Bottom’s ass Hole i was in complete Shock

Chapter 7 “Present Day: Back to Trey”

Its been Three weeks since Dion and i broke up. I’m living with my bestfriend Keithan In Decatur GA and i hate it. Dion is the only person that i can think about and might i say that im full or resentment. i never thought i would miss him so much. Ron has been callin me non stop and sending me SMS askin “When can i hit again Shawty.” I ignore him cause he’s a constant reminder of how i lost Dion. “I’m goin to the Store yu want anything back?” Yelled Keithan. Keithan was My best friend i met a wile back wen i first got to GA. Keithan insisted that i come to stay with him after Dion put me out. “Yea Bring me back a black and mild WINE.” i said peering at him with a smile. i tried calling Dion once a day jus to hear his voice mail cause i knew he would neva answer. How could i be so stupid as to lose a man that did everything. i sat down on the couch and put Start Over By: Beyoncé on repeat. tears began to fill my eyes. i look over and my Phone is vibrating. i looked at the contact and Dion’s picture popped up. i qui9ckly dried my eyes  and answered. “Hello?” i said forcing the sadness out of my voice “I miss yu”, Dion said turning down the music in his Jag. “Really baby.” i said with a lil hope. Dion cut me off by sayin that he needed to discuss something with me and to meet him at his place at 7pm. Puzzled as to what further more Dion had to discuss with me? Keithan walked in and threw me my Black. “What’s goin on?” Keithan said Tying back his dreads. Chh Dion jus called. “and?” Keithan said lookin at me Like He jus won the Lottery. “He wants me to meet him at his Apt. at 7…. you take me?” “Hell Yea anything to get you off my couch.” Keithan said in a joking manner. i decided to take a nap until then.

On the way to Dion’s Keithan did his best to comfort my nerves. i didnt know wat to expect. was Dion gona forgive me and take me back? i arrived at Dion’s at 6:50pm. i had to give myself at least 10mis to get it together. i had on my best Fit and My Best Front. i called Dion’s Phone. “I’m Here!” i said standing outside the door. Dion opened the door and nodded his head quickly for me to come in. i looked around the apartment and there was new everything. He diredted me to the New White leather sofa were the Leopard sofa use to be. Dion sat down besisde me and began to speak.

"Before i say anything i dont want yu to think im takin yu back but there is something that yu should know before we completely call this thing off." I sat up attentively.

"i dont know how to say this without hurting yu but… i cheated on yu before you cheated on me.." My eyes got big as hell and i couldn’t swallow. Did he really bring me here to "Kick a man while He’s Down?’

"i didnt communicate to yu that i have a Thug fetish and i jus wanted to experience that outside of porn, Let me finish before yu bark at me." I know it was wrong to Cheat and get mad at you for it but i jus felt yu had no right"

"BUT YU DID?" i yelled cutting Dion off. "wat gave yu the fuckin right to cheat on me?"


i put my face into my palms and tear fell onto the freshly steamed carpet. “And yu gave me all the Heat for cheatin on me but yu did it first?” now i didn’t feel so bad for cheatin on him the fact that he cheated first made me feel as disgusted as he did wen i cheated. My Phone began to ring, it was Ron calling again. “New Boyfriend nigga?” Dion said in a deep jealous voice. “FUCK YU DION!!” i shouted. i began to have word vomit it was best i leave before i did something that i would regret 

Chapter 6: “Dion’s point Of View Pt. 2- Ron’s Domination”

30mins in and i was drippin with sweat and still digin this nigga out wile he took every stroke like a Natural. It seemed like Ron’s ass got tighter and Tighter the more i fucked him.”i want yu to bust inside me” Ron requested threw his pillow talk. “Oh yea?” “Hell yea nigga give me yo babies deep inside me.” his asshole swallowed my dick whole. “Fuck nigga yu got some good ass Man” i said on the edge of explosion. “make this shit yo ass nigga”i wanted to last in hiss ass all night. 

"Fuck me nigga"

"Yea…. yea… ahhh fuck yea"

"Fuck me nigga with that fat ass dick son"

"Ahhhh shit"

"aaahh ahaaah aaahhhh"

His dirty talk stroked my ears with excitement ”Im about to cum Nigga” He threw his ass back harder on my dick so that i was completely submerged in his throbbing hole “i want them babies nigga” Ron said lookin back. my heart rate went up i was about to shoot a long awaited load! i stated to stroke faster “FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUKKKKKK” i cam deep inside of Ron. it felt so dam good.He had that kinda ass that yu could hit about 2 or 3 time a night. It could have been Ron’s sex appeal or the fact that i haven’t had sex in a very long time. “yea nigga thats the shit im talkin about” Ron said Lustfully smiling. Ron turned over on his back with me still inside him. He was dripping with my nutt, that shit turned me on even more. He pushed my nut out on my dick and hastily got up and Sucked it off. He Pushed me face down on the bed, he began spread my Toned round ass and spit my nutt all over my Virgin asshole. “yu eva been fucked with yo own nutt nigga?’ he asked. Hell i hadn’t been fucked at all. he began to massage his Fully loaded dick around my ass hole. i aint gone lie the shit felt good. I never tried being a bottom But hey there is a first time for everything. the way his ass felt i’d give him the keys to my Jag. slowly and Carefully Ron worked his way inside of me i gripped the covers on the bed Becuz the shit Hurt like hell. i was so tempted to tell him to stop But i wanted to feel penetration.

"Yu want this Big Dick inside of yu?" Ron said whispering in my ear pulling out of me.. he spread both my ass cheeks and slid it back inside. "Damm, Ass is virgin tight Nigga" Ron said taking slow strokes inside of me. The feeling of Ron’s dick started to groove pleasure threw my body. my eyes started to roll in the back of my head. i couldn’t believe i was enjoying my first time. "Umm Hmm i know yu like this shit nigga" "The way im Fukin Yu with yo own Nut" The sound that His dick made…..made me Pre-cum again. My body started to shake with Maximum pleasure. His dick thrust deeper and deeper inside my Virgin ass i began to let out Moans that felt like they were wakin the Neighbors. I didnt give a fuck "ahhh dam" i  said panting. He put both hands on my back so that i’d have a deeper arch in my back. he started to pound my ass so hard and fast in jack hamming motion "Is this wat yu wanted nigga?" He turned a total Top into a Dominated Bottom. My body exploded in Ecstasy. Run quickly turned me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. "Look in my eyes as i fuck yu nigga" Ron said with sweat dripping. it was that wet sweaty sexy that could go on as long as yu let it.

My body began to tighten my ass started to contract. my ass hole muscle began grip Ron’s long pipe. “OH FUCK SHIT NIGGGA IM COMMIN” wat the fuck i had began to come witout even touching my dick. i swer Ron’s dick was an Outer body experience. He pulled his dick out at the same time and Shot all over my stomach. “that was so hot yo” Ron said licking up the mixtures of our cum i looked at the clock it was 2:45am…. 

Chapter 5: “Dion’s Point Of view”

"Wile i was workin this nigga i dedicated eveything to cheated on me in my house!!", Dion was on his way to work thinking to himself. "Were do i go from here? do i forgive him? I love Trey so much.. infact the reason i haven’t broken up with him is because i been cheatin too.." "But i didn’t get caught" The reason i stopped having sex with Trey is because i was getting Dug out by this nigga name Ron. Now im not no Bottom or nothing, but he made my first time being a bottom the bomb. i secretly met Ron on His profile said versatile i Have a thug porn fetish, so i thought since Trey isnt all that thuggish i’d explore the wild side of my Fantasies. Yea i know wat ya’ll thinkin "Well Why Yu mad at Trey?" i look it like this  Trey is my Bottom and I’m his top. He gave my ass away! i kept my dick to myself and neva gave it to anybody else. It may be the wrong way of thinkn but that’s just the way i feel.

Ron and i decided to meet One night i got off early. i text Trey and told him it would be another late Night. Since it was a regular he responded “again?” i didn’t respond. i pulled up in my Jag to Ron’s house around 11pm it was 10mins from my house. He met in the driveway with a hand shake “Watsup tall ass nigga” Ron said  reaching out for a hand shake.”yo what up Ron” i said returning the handshake. i followed Ron to his  room Were he had lube and Condoms already waitin. For a split second i thought about Trey. We hadn’t had sex in a year or so an image of my baby flashed threw my head. Now im wondering if he thought about me wen he Cheated Last night. Ron got straight to Business “dam nigga” he said landing his soft flesh filled lips on mine. I hadent felt a mans lips up against mine Besides Trey’s it felt so wrong but i enjoyed it he removed my jacket making sure not to lose are connected kiss. He He pused me back on the bed “I wana taste that dick nigga” He unzipped my pants 

He Had my toes curling as he sucked on my endowed veined dick. “i want yu inside me raw pa” He said with his lips glistening from Mouth work. He slowly Squeezed lube on my dick and massaged it. I’m still layed back on the bed Enjoying every second. Ron climbed on top of me and slow grinned on (Russell the love Muscle) “Yu like that shit huh nigga” Ron said spreading his Scrumptious Plump round ass cheeks. Put that Big dick in me nigga” “loosen up this Tight Booty Nigga.” My dick reached inside Ron’s Unfuckked aas hole. This nigga shit was tighter than a baby gap shirt on a fat bitch. It was so warm deep in side him My dick felt right at home. “Ahhhh Fuckk Wait Nigga!!” Ron Hammered. “Nah Nigga Fuckk that im about to Fuckk this shitt” i aggressively threw Ron off of me and put that nigga on His Back. I stuck my dick back inside of him and Long stroked him. “Ahh Yea nigga, Take my shit!” Ron screamed out of pleasure. i can tell he hadn’t been fucked in a long time, but my dickk Opened Him right up. He started to Throw his ass Back on My shitt. The way we were fuckin sounded like a round of applause filled the room.. 

Chapter 4: “The Deceitful Memory”

When i turned the corner Dion was standing there lookin at me with eyes that looked like they could kill. “Trey yu wana tell me y there is a used condom under my living room couch?” Dion said with anger in his voice. I mean what could i say? what could i do? paralysis struck my whole body i couldn’t move. “So now yu cant hear now?”, “Trey Wat the fuck is this?” Dion got closer expecting an answer. “Baby i can explain” i said trying to console witch i knew was pointless. “i got lonely”. i had to confess mama always said never kick a man when he’s down. “And??” Dion said Sternly.. Tears filled my eyes. i was really about to tell the man that gave me everything that i cheated. “i slept with someone else” Dion had anger, hurt and rage in his eyes, he was completely speechless. Dion drew his hand back and bit his bottom lip and jus before he thought about punching the shit outa me Dion threw the condom at my face. “WHAT DID I DO TREY?” Dion said crying. “Do i not take care of yu?” “Took yu outa yo mama’s house and put yu in a condo in the city?” “What were yu thinkin Trey?” I bust my ass hard!!, WORKIN OVER TIME TO MAKE YU HAPPY!” “And the only thing i asked was for yu to be faithful and patient.” “Did the 3yrs of this realtionship mean anything to yu?”

Still not a word parted my lips as Dion drowned in his tears. i was scared at this point. i fucked up bad and i knew there was no fixing it. i wish i could take it all back i hurt my Man.. My King. “I’m sorry Dion i really am.” i said falling to my knees. “Yea?  WELL SORRY SHOULD HAVE KEPT YUR LEGS CLOSED PUNK ASS NIGGA” “I WAS WONDERING WHY YU WAS TAKIN A FUCKIN SHOWER AT 3AM”, “There is no telling how many Nigga’s Been all up in yu.” “Now im glad i stopped fuckin yu!!” i deserved every insult. i let my ass be my brain, i jus felt so dam lonely and Ron’s attention got the best of me.That Morning Dion Locked me out of our bedroom. how did i cheat and get caught an hr later. i guess that saying is right “Whats Done in the Dark Must come to the Light.” i couldn’t sleep i was filled with resentment Dion had to be to work at 3pm i finally drifted to sleep at 9am…

i was awaken by the sound of the slamming of the refrigerator door. “Dont get to fuckin comfortable yu fuckin hoe, Get up off my Couch i’m about to go to work!” Dion Said vengefully. “Wen i Leave Yu got to Find yu somewhere to stay till i get off.” Dion was being completely cold and implying that whenever he leaves i must go too. i couldn’t get mad at least he didnt break up with me….. yet. If yu didn’t know Im telling this Memory  in Present-Past tense i thought id go over the last 3 weeks that led up to today…

Chapter 3 “Unfaithful Ass Nigga”

Dammit time done passed by so fast!!. That was suppose to be a quickie but dam this nigga got some good ass dick. The way he filled me up i could get attached. “You mind if i stay the night yo?” Awww shit I knew that i was gona happen, I had to make up a lie and fast Dion could be home soon. “Um i don’t but i have to get up really early for work and shit” I said lyin.” “Alright shawty” He said Getting dressed. I pulled my under wear up and watch his Greek God of a body fasten his watch and grab his car keys “Jus hit me up yo”, “Aight” i said walking him to the door.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I thought as I quickly arranged every thing in order the way it was before i got fucked on my living room couch. I ran shower water and put my Phone on the charge. I sprayed the couch down with Frebreeze to kill the odor of another man. I soon then Hopped in the shower to wash off the 4hrs of pleasure. (Knocks on the bathroom door) “Baby I’m home” Dion said yelling threw the bathroom door. The only thing that ran threw my mind was (did i clean up everything). I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my lower body and exited the Bathroom. Dion was in the kitchen having a late snack. “Hey baby how was work?” i asked sitting down at the dinning room table. “it was long and stressful so happy to be home to my Man.” Dam Dion is a hard workin man who provides for me in every way. Didn’t want me to work, just wanted me to Be a good boyfriend. Dion cam and sat beside me and Kissed me. “What did yu do today Trey?” He asked taking a bit out of the sandwich he had jus made. “i didn’t do much jus applying to a couple of Fashion Schools in NY” Dion hated wen i talked about goin to school in New York. He didn’t like the fact that i wanted to go so far away from wat he had planned for us. But i had my goals in life i couldn’t sit around and Wait on Dion hand and foot.

Talkin about Dion Makes me Upset i still cant believe we broke up but that’s the price yu pay wen yur an unfaithful ass nigga. “I’m goin to bed” i said leaving the room. “Okay baby ima join yu in a minute, jus need to finish up some paper work, turn on the TV for me”. I turned on the TV and handed Dion the remote. “Aye?” Dion said smiling “Don’t have nothing on wen I get in there.” I smiled and turned away my heart was beating like the up tempo beat in Beyonce’s Single ladies. Can yu believe him? He too the dick away now all of a sudden he wanted to have sex? Mind yu i had jus been dug out an hour ago. Dion took his half eaten sandwich and paper work to the sofa. As Dion traveled to the sofa the remote Fell under the couch “Dammit” Dion expressed. Dion reached under the couch. “Wat the Fuck is this?” in Dion’s hands was the Used condon that Trey and Ron Used. “TREY GET THE FUCK OUT HERE RIGHT NOW”!! fear struck me like a Lightning Bolt…… 

Chapter 2 “The Punisher”

As i lay on my stomach His warm tongue politely danced with my tight hole. His tongue felt like heaven in his mouth. SMACK!! SMACK!! He gave my plump booty 2 slaps as he spread my cheeks to eat deeper. “Yu like the way daddy eat that ass nigga” He asked spittin in my ass. “hell yea pa don’t stop”. it had been so long since i have felt this special. I felt a missing connection had been sparked  in my life if only for 1 night. I wasnt thinkin about Dion or the 3yrs we had spent together. the only thing on my mind right now was Gratification. Light moans became music to out ears and our bodies were the dance floor. I was ready to feel him bury deep inside my walls. I grabbed lube and condoms form under the couch that i had planted before he arrived. My aura oozed that i was ready for deep penetration.

Like a Wheelbarrow my face was in the pillow and I had my booty in the air wit a deep arch in my back. He lubed up my asshole and slid on his Magnum condom AKA “The Golden Ticket” His dick head filled the beginning of my ass. The pain exploded threw my body as his thick long dick went deeper. “Mmmmm fuck nigga that ass is tight” Damn right I thought tight as a peep hole! He slowly pulled out and slapped his dick across my open asshole. “daddy about to Punish this ass. The mood in the room changed it went from passion to Lustful aggression. I started to  throw my ass back on his pipe. I could feel him deep inside me and i wanted to feel eve inch. “Uhhh mmmm ahhh,

"yea nigga"

"Fuck me"

"Stop Playin with this ass Nigga and give me that dick"

"Shit nigga"

"yu got some good dick daddy"

I began to get in that mood were I said wat every came to my mind it was on and poppin.”Get on yo back shawty i wana see that face as i go under” He demanded. i held on to my nuts and moved them to the side so i could see every devoted stroke (secretly that turns me on the most). He bit his bottom lip and he robbed me of my celibacy. Ron grabbed the lube and and put an ample amount on my dick. he started to jack my dick as he fuck me with no regards for my insides i loved it!. my eyes rolled in the back of my head and he began to moan. my eyes closed really tight i couldnt hole it the feeling was too good. “ahhhhh fuuuckkk Nigga Im Commin” i said pulling him closer to me. he began to fuck me harder and faster “shoot that shit nigga” My ass hole began to Fluctuate as the white warm cum shot outa my dick like an escaped convict. ”Shit nigga it’s daddy turn”, “where Yu want this Nutt at?” bfor i could answer he pulled off his condom and shot all over my stomach. He layed on top of me from excitement and exhaustion. “That was so Good ass Hommie” He said Kissing me on my lips. i looked at the clock and it was 2:03am

"Why did i sleep with HIM" Chapter 1: "The Fling"

It was a Hot Summer Day in Atlanta I just lost my boyfriend and the apartment we had togather. I am forced to start over because I was an unfaithful lover. I was with a guy named Dion. Dion was a Doctor who worked at Emery and who was too busy to take care of home. He was 6’4 200lbs of muscle tight body, and a smile that gave Colgate a run for their money. I was so in love with this man. We were together for 3yrs and our goals and dreams conflicted one another, I wanted to go to Fashion School and he wanted to move to Florida. We constantly argued and he was never home. The last year of our relationship Dion and I stopped having sex, he was always working and on call and was always too tired to Fuck me. I often spent long nights at home alone so I created a (BGC) jus to mess around, didn’t plan on meeting anybody in person. Dion and I grew very distant, I wanted to be with him so I thought I’d have a couple flings just to keep me company. at first it was exciting the thrill of another Man, I thought I could have my cake and but they could eat it too. I remember this 1 guy I met his name was Ron. He was a compact lil somthin. He was about 5’8, 155, beautiful golden brown skin, a fat basket ball player booty, 8inches of hard pipe, light grey eyes, and full inciting lips. Dion had to work late that night. I knew he wouldnt be home til about 3am. It was about 10:13pm wen i got  txt for Ron.

Ron: Watsup yo

Me: Nothin sittin at home bored

Ron: o fashow? you wouldn’t be bored if i was there

Me: o really 

Ron: hell yea so can we get up

Me: yea you mobile?

Ron: Yea were about yu stay Shawty

Me: 1404 Peachford Circle

Ron: shid i’ll be there in about ten

Me: aight yo

I was so horny and I was tired of jackin my dick. My man quit hittin this and my toys got old. I missed the feeling of a man diggin me out and bangin my prostate yu know the saying “If yu won’t do it another one will”. Well I was putting that Phrase into good use. Ron arrived at my door at around 11pm. He walked in smelling like Abercrombie “Fierce” with a fitted on, a white v neck that hugged his torso so yu could see shape of his amazing body, some black denim jeans that sagged well below his fat ass and some red and white Supras. That alone turned me on and I was instantly in a state of mental erect.

"Damn son you look better in person" Ron said biting his pretty pink lips. I addressed Ron with a smile, a black wife beata, Gym shorts and some Jordan socks. "Come on in nigga" I said in a laughing matter. He sat on the couch and I turned on the TV. "want a drink?" I offered. "Yea shawty!" he said all sexy and shit. I went to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of Amsterdam Gin guaranteed to Get yu fucked up on yur 2nd cup. "Here you go" I sat the gin on the coaster and watched him pick it up and take a sip. "Dam shawty!! yu tryna get a nigga fucked up huh?" I smiled hard, "Whats wrong cant handle it?’ Teasing him with a smile. "I’m good homie I jus hope I can handle yo fine ass". I took a big swig of  drink and left the Glass half empy. "Why you sittin way over there yo?" he said spreading his arms, "Commere". I flirtatiously scooted next to him and gave a smirk.

Before I knew it his lips were up against mine we were in a tongue tug a war and it made me hot. My dick started to throb from the contemplation on wat I wanted to do to him. “Take that shit off shawty!” He demanded. I quickly tore outa my clothes so anxious to see the body I had seen on BGC. he started to kiss me on my neck and moved down to my Nipples. By this time I’m in a state of instant pleasure. He started to kiss my Navel, flickin his tongue in and out. He kissed from my navel until he got to my dick witch was harder than stale bread. He slowly in gulped my dick with his full soft lips. I began to gyrate my hips strokin along with the wet warm mouth. “Make that shit sloppy” I moaned, and for 4mins at my request he made that shit wet. “damn that dick taste good yo!” I began o pre-cum. He slowly got into the 69 position were I was ready to give Him throat. He slid his dick in my mouth and began to grind, slowly fuckin my face, my mouth was a Pussy with Teeth. He stopped suckin my dick because of the sensation that warped around his thick dick, “Fuck yo!!” he moaned and i continued to suck…

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